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5 wet weather ideas if you’re locked down in Sevenoaks this winter

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Somehow the first lockdown felt a little easier – the sun was shining, and the opportunity to spend more time outside was one of the positives we could hold on to. This time around however, these greyer, colder months of the year before Spring has sprung are making it all a bit harder!

The question, then, is what to do with all this time indoors? Here are some ideas for perfect wet weather activities to keep you busy and entertained while you keep safe at home.

Idea 1: Treat yourself to your favourite flowers

Buying flowers for yourself is one of the most positive things you can do! And in dreary-lockdown-drizzle, what better way to add a splash of colour to the house than with your favourite flowers and a vase decorated just for them. We’ve shared a few examples from our customers, and with a vase you don’t need to feel intimidated by the need to be a great artist! Beautiful flowers are sometimes best complemented with a simpler design.

Who knows, you may discover a budding (we’re not sorry) interest in flower arranging!

Idea 2: Celebrate some of your favourite memories

Photo frame with a heart cut out

Lockdown has really bought home the importance of friends and family. Go through old photos and videos and create a collage of memories for you to look back over. Or alternatively, paint one of these photo frames to display a photo in your home. There’s a world of different ways you could decorate these frames with something special; we’d recommend writing five reasons why the people in the photo are so special as a way to keep them close in lockdown.

Idea 3: Painting plates for the whole family

Decorate a set of plates to brighten up your mealtimes! You could go super classy with this – bold colours and simple patterns create gorgeous statement crockery that will be sure to draw positive comments.

Alternatively, make it a family activity and invite everyone to paint their own plates. It could even encourage your little ones to be less fussy when it comes to dinner time.

Idea 4: Make yourself a delicious mug brownie

Delicious mug brownie

Mug brownies are one of the tastiest, easiest comfort foods available. Plus, they’re made entirely out of items you probably have in your cupboard right this second! This vegan recipe is particularly delicious.

Only problem is that it’ll be gone in seconds! We all get peculiarly territorial over what we consider ‘our’ mug, so save yourself the stress by personalising your own mug for all future mug-cake uses!

Idea 5: Making date night extra special

Keeping date night interesting and exciting got a lot more challenging in the last year. Shake things up by purchasing any of our items as a take home kit and get creative together! Our kits come with all the instructions and materials you’ll need for a properly arty evening. You’ll have to source your own wine though!

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